the original Route 11 Potato Chips factory

Welcome to Route 11 Potato Chips

From the moment we dropped our first batch of chips back in the early days of 1992, all we really wanted to do was make a great potato chip. We started with a tiny little cooker, a garden rake, a great recipe, a lot of energy, some good ole fashioned grit, a little bit of dauntlessness, with some twenty-something delusion thrown in for good measure. One thing we knew for sure is that if we made a quality product, there would be people who would want it. We've been doing this now for 25+ years, and our belief still stands: if you make something GOOD, with high quality ingredients, in a safe and clean environment, with a happy staff, and supportive community, then the results are going to be a product that makes people happy. Welcome to Route 11 Potato Chips!

Early Days photo: The original Route 11 chipping crew in front of the old feed store in Middletown, Va., 1992.

If you're already a Route 11 fan, thank you for keeping us so busy here in chip land. And, if you've never had a Route 11 potato chip, it's about time!! Here you can order online, find a store near you that carries Route 11, get directions to our factory, learn about our goal of becoming a waste free facility, or just listen to our awesome jingle.

the original Route 11 Potato Chips factory

Elevating "Chip Land"

Having a happy product is an awesome endeavor; however, none of it would be possible without having a functional, clean, and safe factory. In 2008, we designed and built a state of the art facility, specifically for our process. This was a huge undertaking, but has allowed us to grow in a very efficient manner. We integrated a lot of green principles into our building—see sustainability—and are focused on being as waste-free a facility as possible. We're also incredibly transparent. You can come direct to the source and watch us make your favorite potato chips. We are very proud of our business model committed to making a great product on a daily basis.

We believe there's a bigger picture

Quality is not just reserved for a potato chip or a bag of potato chips or even an entire truckload of potato chips. We believe we are accountable for insuring quality in every aspect of our existence as a company. We also strive to contribute to the quality of life of our families, friends and community, because if we don't, what's the point?

Photo: Mike Connelly at the current Route 11 Potato Chips factory, 2014.

Unhurried Potatoes

Old Fashioned Kettle Cooked Chips

Here at Route 11, we consider ourselves traditionalists when it comes to cooking potato chips. We cook in small batches. This cooking style takes more time, but give us the opportunity to create a chip that is undoable on a larger scale. Our methods and high quality ingredients make an exceptional chip with uncommon character. In our opinion, a great chip has a good crunch, without being too hard. A nice golden color and a body with plenty of curl are a must. With every crunch, potato flavor bursts forth.

Every day, our staff works diligently to maintain the high standards of production that we have established for ourselves over the years. We use only the best ingredients -- such as 100% expeller-pressed high-oleic sunflower oil and all-natural, unrefined Real Salt. We don't take short cuts. We opt to take our time to produce a very unique potato chip. Yep, unhurried potatoes™. We're also sticklers for cleanliness. Our entire production facility is steam cleaned and disinfected on a nightly basis. More than one industry inspector has quipped, that they could enjoy a meal off of our floor.

inside the Route 11 Potato Chips factory
inside the Route 11 Potato Chips factory
inside the Route 11 Potato Chips factory