Mama Zuma's Revenge Case

  • Case of 2oz Bags (30/CASE)
  • $38.50
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  • Case of 6oz Bags (12 BAGS/CASE)
  • $38.50
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Our goal was to create a chip hot enough to satisfy most chileheads, yet still be accepted by the public in general. Mama Zuma's Revenge is a fiery blend of a habanero mash and our classic barbeque. True to the nature of the habanero, with your first crunch there's a delay that allows you to taste the delicious flavors. But within seconds, the incendiary habanero backdraft will light you up!! ALL NATURAL. GLUTEN FREE.
THE 2OZ CASE OF MAMA ZUMA'S REVENGE, 30 BAGS TO A CASE. Great for your recommended daily allowance of potato chips. THE 6OZ CASE OF MAMA ZUMA'S REVENGE, 12 BAGS One of these bags fills up a bowl nicely. Great for parties, tailgating, or sharing an afternoon snack with your work buddies.
INGREDIENTS: Select potatoes, expeller pressed high oleic sunflower oil, cane sugar, salt, paprika, habanero powder, garlic powder, spices, natural smoke flavor, paprika extract.
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20 reviews
Still the best chips ever!
Jan 27, 2024
I have bought case after case of these for many years. But recently I had an order with a "seasoning malfunction" where they were crazy hot and the bags had some firey seasoning clumps. The problem was quickly corrected and back to the way I always remembered. Evidence that these are truly made by hand. They are hot but not crazy hot, really amazing flavor. By far my favorite chips ever!
adam gottlob
Best Red Hots
Sep 21, 2023
Mama Zuma's are the best red hots. They have a great smoky flavor, are hot but not so spicy that all the other flavors are masked, and Route 11 makes the best, crunchiest, premium quality potato chips. Definitely my go-to when I am in the mood for a bag of red hots for both the flavor and the crunch.
Woody R.
So good I lick the inside of the bag!!
Feb 4, 2023
Too yummy to waste even a crumb!
May 9, 2022
I was given a couple bags of different flavors yesterday for Mother's Day at my aunt's home, they ordered something online and a box of these chips came along. The odds right?! Anyways, I tried Mama Zumas lastnight and just now the lightly salted and OH MY GOODNESS!!! These taste so delicious, kind of reminds me of the state fair chips back home in CA. But these taste healthy, I don't feel yucky afterwards like most typical name brands. Thank you so much for making these. Will definitely recommend to everyone!
Jan 21, 2021
I am a lover of good chips. Im on a fitness challenge now and the hardest to stop is the chips. I ran into this vendor at a vegetarian food festival about 2 years ago. There was a card placed in my chip bag but I had no idea where I put it. I been talking about these chips ever since. Im here looking for a insurance policy and BABE, by the grace of the almighty Jesus Christ, Behold, the card popped up! Thank Him for the little thing. Hallelujah Lord. I truly thank Him+
Dec 29, 2020
Tried them for the first time Christmas day, they where the best hot chip. THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Minton
Get the 2 oz bags
Mar 10, 2020
The two ounce bag is just the right amount to light up your mouth without overloading your senses. This is the best hot chip I have found and I have been eating them for over 50 years.
Glenn Hokkanen
Trust me on this, you want these chips
Jan 27, 2020
I have tried to find the spiciest chip in the world, and gone to great lengths to find them. I have to say, in terms of the perfect blend of flavor and spice, these chips are the best by a good margin. What I found in my experience was that at a certain point, when the spiciness passes a certain boundary, taste and flavor become obsolete. If something is too spicy to taste, then it doesn't matter if it's good. And don't get me wrong; there's nothing wrong with that. On occasion, I feel like having that experience of just enjoying the burning throughout my mouth. But the absolute best TASTING chip in the world is Mama Zuma's Revenge. It's spicy, but it isn't so spicy that you can't taste it. It starts off slowly, which is especially good, because the straight up flavor of these chips is so amazing. It is an almost fruity, somewhat biting flavor that you can really enjoy before the heat really kicks in. Once it does, it becomes searing, and you can enjoy that part of it. If the piquant heat ever overcomes the taste of the chip, it doesn't last long. I have gone through the 6 ounce bags by myself in one sitting on more than one occasion. These chips are very hard to find in New Jersey (a whole state full of wimpy people who think bell peppers are too spicy!), so I've been special ordering boxes for myself. However, as I introduced them to my friends, more and more people wanted to get bags from me. I have introduced them (and convinced them to keep in stock) at a deli in New Jersey and three(!) bars in Brooklyn, NY. And I will continue to try to spread the word of these chips. If you haven't tried them, I urge you to get yourself a bag!
Best chips ever!
Jan 11, 2020
These chips are by far the best ones we have ever had the spicy ness to them is perfect!
Jara Tate
Feb 13, 2017
My all-time favorite chips. I have special requested that my cafeteria at work order them just for me as they are not easy to find. If you love spice they you will love these. They're not overly spicy but enough to make your nose run. An actual spicy chip is so hard to find. They have a sweet undertone to them which I really enjoy. I'm hooked on these. I even lick the bag each time.
Lindsey Murphy
Feb 13, 2017
My all time favorite chips. I have special requested that my cafeteria at work order them just for me as they are not easy to find. If you love spice they you will love these. They're not overly spicy but enough to make your nose run. An actual spicy chip is so hard to find. They have a sweet undertone to them which I really enjoy. I'm hooked on these. I even lick the bag each time.
Lindsey Murphy
Safe for those with food allergies!!! :o)
May 9, 2016
My grandson was born with FPIES. We are extremely careful with label reading with how we feed him. These chips are one of the only treats that he can safely eat!! They are gluten-free, corn-free, dairy-free and soy-free. Hallelujah! We order them by the case! Thank you Route 11 Chips!!
The right amount of heat!
Sep 9, 2015
So pleased to find potato chips that are gluten and dairy and corn free, as well as NOT being fried in soybean oil! These crunchy beauties are packed with just the right amount of spiciness and heat that keep you coming back for more! Sadly, I can't find them everywhere, but nice to know that I can order them online. My whole family loves them! Thanks, Route 11! Love your factory tour, too! Keep up the great work!
Mama Zuma is Awesome
May 5, 2015
I first tried Mama Zuma's Revenge two years ago, when my family and I stopped into the factory for a first-time visit. These are, without a doubt, the best chips I think I have ever had. They are bursting with flavor, and yet there is this blast of heat that comes in behind to deliver that knock-out punch. Truly fabulous!
Donny Frank-Rice
Best chip I've ever tasted!
Dec 14, 2014
I got it at a local store in The Colony, Texas because we were picking up food for a friend and I was craving spicy food (I was 3 months pregnant) and bought it. After I ate it it instantly became a staple in my pregnant diet! So delicious!
Mam Zuma's
Oct 16, 2014
These are great tasting chips. I ate almost the entire bag in an afternoon. Heed the warnings about the peppers on the bag.
Andy Fulks
Best Spicy Chip Ever!
May 23, 2013
I love these! My friend goes crazy whenever I bring them out.
Lunch Chip Aih a Kick!
Apr 10, 2013
This spicy chip is by far my favorite chip. I first started eating these chips in Washington DC when I ate at bistros daily for lunch. After trying various flavors from Route 11 and other vendors, this chip seemed to be the first thing I'd grab every time. It's quite crunchy like most kettle chips however the flavor is what makes this unique. It's quite spicy and those that done like heat will say it's even hot so it's not for the faint of heart. I worked in Afghanistan for 14 months and when asked what I missed the most by a colleague in DC I mentioned these chips. She went down to the corner store and picked up several 2oz bags and carefully packaged them and sent them to me. It was definitely the most memorable Christmas gift to date. If you enjoy spicy foods and a crunchy chip, look no further and pick up a bag or order them online if they aren't in stores near you. Thanks Route 11!
Best tasting spicy chip, ever!
Mar 25, 2012
If you are looking for a real spicy chip with a great taste; this is the one. Makes my mouth water just thinking about them.
Rick Suddeath
The Best Chips I've Ever Had
Feb 10, 2012
I grabbed a bag of Mama Zuma's Revenge chips while working in DC. I fell in love instantly! There's a burst of spicy taste from the get-go, with a tinge of sweetness. They're the best chips I've ever had!I usually am not a fan of potato chips in general, but Mama Zuma's completely changed my mind. I'm smitten!!
Angelica Perez