Lightly Salted Chips Case

  • Case of 2oz Bags (30/CASE)
  • $35.00
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  • Case of 1oz Bags (30/CASE)
  • $15.00
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  • Case of 6oz Bags (12/CASE)
  • $35.00
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Lightly Salted is our best seller. We all need our salt fix, but most of the salt we get in our diets has been stripped of all its essential minerals, leaving us with a high dose of sodium chloride and none of the good stuff. Route 11 is the only potato chip company in the world (ok, the only one we know of) that's using a single source, unrefined sea salt, mined right here in the USA. It's called REAL SALT and it's extracted from an ancient seabed in Redmond, Utah. Not only does it have all the minerals essential to our being human, but it also has an incredible flavor. ALL NATURAL. GLUTEN FREE.

THE 2OZ CASE OF LIGHTLY SALTED, 30 BAGS TO A CASE Great for your recommended daily allowance of potato chips.

THE 6OZ CASE OF LIGHTLY SALTED, 12 BAGS One of these bags fills up a bowl nicely. Great for parties, tailgating, or sharing an afternoon snack with your work buddies.

NEW! Now available in 1-oz mini bags perfect for lunches and smaller snacks.

Our Lightly Salted potato chips are non-GMO certified, gluten free, nut free, dairy free, all natural, cooked in 100% high-oleic sunflower oil... and delicious!

INGREDIENTS: Select potatoes, expeller pressed high oleic sunflower oil, and unrefined sea salt by Real Salt ™.
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4 reviews
The Best!
Aug 7, 2020
The Cheese Shop here in Williamsburg, VA introduced me to this brand with my sandwich. There's nothing that compares to the flavor of these chips. Fantastic!
Alan Jenner
A Wonderful Surprise
Nov 4, 2015
I went into a local deli the other day for a sandwich and some chips. Anyone who knows me, also knows that chips have always been my "go-to" snack, particularly for lunch. I saw Route 11 chips and thought I would try them since I had never seen them before. I have to say that these chips are hands down, the absolute best kettle chips I have EVER had in my life. AS far as I am concerned, the deli should throw everything else out. There's just nothing that compares to the flavor of these chips. Fantastic!
Bruce Butler
Best chips ever!!!
Mar 18, 2013
These chips beats out any of the bigger brands hands down. A good quality chip will always show itself in taste, and these deliver every time!
Rita Cook
Amazing Potato Chip
Apr 23, 2012
Route 11 Chips are outstanding! They are cooked in light Safflower oil to a delectable crunch with just the right amount of salt. These are by far the best potato chips we have ever tasted!
Marie Minton