Dill Pickle Chips Case

  • Case of 2oz Bags (30/CASE)
  • $35.00
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  • Case of 6oz Bags (12/CASE)
  • $35.00
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  • Case of 1oz Bags (30/CASE)
  • $15.00
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It is entirely possible that we were the first chip producer in the USA with a Dill Pickle flavored potato chip. A little vinegary, a little zippy and a lot of dill make this chip uniquely awesome. This chip is an award winner! GLUTEN FREE. CONTAINS MILK.
NEW! : THE 1OZ "BABY DILL" CASE OF DILL PICKLE, 30 BAGS TO A CASE Mini-serving great for lunch boxes or to go beside a sandwich. THE 2OZ CASE OF DILL PICKLE, 30 BAGS TO A CASE Great for your recommended daily allowance of potato chips. THE 6OZ CASE OF DILL PICKLE, 12 BAGS One of these bags fills up a bowl nicely. Great for parties, tailgating, or sharing an afternoon snack with your work buddies.
INGREDIENTS: Select potatoes, expeller pressed high oleic sunflower oil, seasoning (lactose, dextrose, salt, sodium diacetate, garlic powder, onion powder, citric acid, malic acid, dill weed and spice extractive). Contains milk.
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7 reviews
Best Dill Pickle Chip Ever!!
Aug 24, 2020
My Fiance and I and 3 of our friends were visiting the Natural Bridge in Natural Bridge, Va from Friday August 21st-23rd. So at the end of the hike I noticed the big 6oz bag and wanted to try them. My mouth lit up like a firecracker with flavor. Much better than the other brand Dill Pickle chips that you can get at the grocery store. I'd prefer Route 11 and would recommend them to everyone. I finished the first bag and had to go grab 7 more while we were there haha. Will definitely be getting more by the case!
Chett A King
Best Dill Pickle Chips EVER!
Jun 10, 2020
Oh My God. We got them at a orchard store in a little town here in Indiana and all I can say is WOW! I love dill pickles and have tried the national brand. They stunk. So when we visit small out of the way places, we look for items like your chips. I got the Dill Pickle and hubby got Salt & Vinegar. We were blown away. Our second trip to the orchard, I got Dill Pickle(naturally) & hubby got the Barbeque. They were amazing again. Can't wait to try other flavors. Big big fans!
Love the Dill
Apr 12, 2020
I tried your Dill chips for the first time today. They are the best I have ever tasted. When I read the ingredients I was so impressed with the quality that I had to write and thank you.
Ohhhh, em GEEE!
Jan 31, 2020
I was at World Market today, browsing the dizzying selection of unique foods, when I spotted these chips. I don't usually buy chip brands I haven't heard of - bad experiences in the past - but who can pass up a small bag of dill pickle potato chips?! Not I, no sir. I ripped the bag open as soon as I got home and, 10 seconds later when I'd finished inhaling them, sat down to write this review. But first I read about the actual humans who make them and the *real* sustainability goals and practices... BAM! I am a passionate, life-long fan! I only hope to see you in more stores in the near future!
all time favorite
Dec 2, 2014
Best ever! My favorite chip. Wish they were sold in more places.
mary benson
Best ever and I know my chips!
Jun 20, 2013
Potato chips have been my weakness from childhood and I've searched high and low for a more healthy alternative...Finally found it. These dill pickle chips are tasty without MSG, and aren't price like a Rolls Royce! Thanks for a great product.
The best chip
Jan 3, 2012
The Rout 11 Dill Pickle is without hesitation the best chip I've ever eaten! The best texture, the best seasoning. I am even giving a case as a gift to my 83 yr. old father-in-law who is a chips guru! Thank you Route 11
Page Ford