Chesapeake Crab Chips Case

  • Case of 2oz Bags (30/CASE)
  • $38.50
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  • Case of 6oz Bags (12/CASE)
  • $38.50
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When you get a hankering for a summer crab feast, but you're miles away from the shore, these chips are the cure. We use the same special blend of finely ground peppers, salt and sugar that the watermen and restaurants use when steaming up bushels of crabs. These chips are a mid-Atlantic regional favorite and not recommended for the inexperienced or faint of heart. ALL NATURAL. GLUTEN FREE. CONTAINS NO SEAFOOD.
THE 2OZ CASE OF CHESAPEAKE CRAB, 30 BAGS TO A CASE Great for your recommended daily allowance of potato chips. THE 6OZ CASE OF CHESAPEAKE CRAB, 12 BAGS One of these bags fills up a bowl nicely. Great for parties, tailgating, or sharing an afternoon snack with your work buddies.
INGREDIENTS: Select potatoes, expeller pressed high oleic sunflower oil, salt, spices, and paprika.
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4 reviews
Aug 23, 2023
These are HAND'S DOWN the best crab chip around, and it's because they use J.O. seasoning, instead of old bay!! REAL mid-atlantic natives/blue crab fanatics know that J.O. is superior to old bay in every single way, and is the brand that crab houses use. Please do not ever discontinue this chip flavor, I will literally die.
Crab Chips - My Favorite
May 25, 2020
I love the crab chips!
Spot on Flavor
Mar 22, 2017
Great seasoning and spot on flavor. The only thing missing is the crab meat.
Jan 12, 2017
These chips were given to us in a Virginia local product basket from a new client. I have been obsessing about them ever since looking in every store I go into to see if they have them. Unfortunately, I am reduced to buying them online but hey however I can I will. I love these chips Salt and Vinegar isn't bad either but CRAB these are the best I have ever tasted.