Barbeque Chips Case

  • Case of 2oz Bags (30/CASE)
  • $38.50
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  • Case of 6oz Bags (12/CASE)
  • $38.50
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Our Barbeque is the perfect balance of smoky and sweet, with just a hint of heat. All natural spices blended with dehydrated cane sugar and tomato-ey flavor create a smoky-sweet barbeque throwdown that you just can't resist. Barbeque lovers everywhere call these 'the bomb'. ALL NATURAL. GLUTEN FREE.
THE 2OZ CASE OF BARBEQUE, 30 BAGS TO A CASE Great for your recommended daily allowance of potato chips. THE 6OZ CASE OF BARBEQUE, 12 BAGS One of these bags fills up a bowl nicely. Great for parties, tailgating, or sharing an afternoon snack with your work buddies.
INGREDIENTS: Select potatoes, expeller pressed high oleic sunflower oil, cane sugar, salt, paprika, tomato powder, garlic powder, spices, natural smoke flavor, paprika extract.
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Damn Good!
Sep 26, 2012
Had fallen from being a potato chip guy sometime ago. Every now and then I would try whatever Barbeque chips were available, but usually am dissapointed due to either them not having much taste or being to too soggy/greasy. I stumbled across the Route 11 BBQ chips at work one day, and was blown away! These chips are Damn Good! They are rubust, crunchy, and have an incredible BBQ taste. These and the Mama Zuma's Revenge are at the top of my list of chips! Just dissapointed that they are so hard to find. Might have to send off for my own personal supply. Thanks much for the great chip! Mark