Limited Time, our Original Recipe:
Sunflower & Peanut Oil

By blending peanut oil with our sunflower oil, we've returned to our original, most delicious recipe while taking pressure off of Ukraine's sunflower shortage.

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, there is a critical shortage in the global supply of sunflower oil. For now, we have only intermittent access to sunflower oil at any price. In order to keep making you delicious, all-natural chips, we have begun blending in a high quality, non-GMO, refined peanut oil with sunflower oil.

This is a stop-gap measure... but a delicious one! Blending peanut and sunflower oil takes us back to our original and most delicious chip recipe, so we hope you try the chips while we're cooking them this way!

We will return to cooking in only sunflower oil as soon as we can.

We hope for peace in Ukraine!

A Note about Peanut Allergies:

The FDA does not consider refined peanut oil to be an allergen. The refining process removes the peanut proteins that are responsible for most allergic responses. According to a scholarly article published through PubMed (a database of the National Institutes of Health), "It has been shown, in well-designed studies, that refined peanut oil can be safely consumed by the vast majority of peanut-allergic individuals."* This necessary measure will allow us to continue supplying you with a safe, allergy-conscious, non-GMO product that maintains its highest quality and exceptional taste.

REFERENCE: Crevel, R. W.; Kerkhoff, M. A.; and Koning, M. M. "Allergenicity of refined vegetable oils." PMID: 10722892. Originally published in "Food and Chemical Toxicology," 2000 Apr;38(4):385-93.

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