Sweet Potato

THIS FLAVOR IS OUT OF SEASON. Our Sweet Potato Chips will be coming back after the next harvest of certified organic, Virginia-grown sweet potatoes (probably in October). We will send out an alert when it's available again to all our newsletter subscribers.

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Non-GMO VerifiedMADE WITH CERTIFIED ORGANIC SWEET POTATOES. When we cooked our first batch of sweet potato chips back in the early '90s, they were so incredibly delicious and beautiful, it was unbelievable to us, that nobody had been making sweet potato chips. They're the healthiest vegetable on the planet. They're indigenous to the USA. It didn't take us long to figure out why such an incredible vegetable was being under utilized and mostly relegated to Thanksgiving. They're not easy to chip. They need lots of attention, which is an undesirable attribute when doing large scale production. So, this is where being a small fry has its advantages! Anyway, our Sweet Potato chips are incredible, delicious, award winning and healthy! A 1oz serving has 120% RDA for Vitamin A. ( We source as many sweet potatoes as we can get from the organically certified farm, Quail Cove, located on the eastern shore of Virginia). ALL NATURAL. GLUTEN FREE.