Chesapeake Crab Tins

When you get a hankering for a summer crab feast, but you're miles away from the shore, these chips are the cure. We use the same special blend of finely ground peppers, salt and sugar that the watermen and restaurants use when steaming up bushels of crabs. These chips are a mid-Atlantic regional favorite and not recommended for the inexperienced or faint of heart. ALL NATURAL. GLUTEN FREE. CONTAINS NO SEAFOOD. Available in 1.5 lb tins and 3 lb tins.

Please note: Due to unusual supply chain issues, we MAY have to substitute a different tin style if we sell out of your selection. We will NOT substitute your choice of chip flavor. If we do have to substitute a different tin style, we will make sure it's the same size and is the most similar in design that we have to the one you chose. We're also doing our very best to keep our tin styles up to date. We appreciate you for being amazing chip fans and for bearing with us through the extraordinary supply chain challenges that we're navigating!