Charity Request

Route 11 Chips is committed to supporting a healthy community and environment. We enjoy having opportunities to give. We review our charity requests once per month, generally on or around the 5th of the month, and make a decision on one or more opportunities to support generally on or before the 15th of the month. Generally we are open to requests for potato chips or product discounts.

Because we receive more charity requests than we can fulfill, we ask you to help us be as generous as we can by following our guidelines:

  1. Please submit this form only once for your opportunity.
  2. Please expect a response from us via email by the 15th of the month following your request.
  3. Please use this form as your only method to request a charitable donation from us.
  4. Please refrain from calling the factory to check on your charity request status, or to request a more expedient decision. Additional resources we must dedicate to customer service on charity requests takes away from the total amount of charity we are able to provide.
  5. Please be as specific as you can on what you are asking for: what, how much, and when. Please share any conditions under which the donation needs to arrive to be useful.

Thank you for helping us be as generous to our community as possible.

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Details and Causes

There are so many great causes to support that we cannot support every type. We particularly enjoy supporting animal welfare, education, and the strength of our local community. We are not able to support political or religious causes, pageants, or sports; however, we may be able to offer our chips at wholesale discounts depending on the event.